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A clam that is racist against blacks.
"That clam is a Ku Klux Klam!"
by Shaun R. Palmer February 02, 2008
Seaman that you think is mayonnaise until you eat a couple of your fries.
"My kebab has splooey mayo on it."
by Shaun R. Palmer January 30, 2008
A sex toy, often explicitly phallic in appearance, intended for bodily interaction during masturbation or sexual intercourse. It is more commonly known as dildo.
"Where's my electric banana."

"I don't know."

"Sure you don't."

"What is that meant to mean."

"It means you do not have an electric banana. It means you're desperate. It means you can't get a man to put his cock in your pussy."

"For your information I have been screwing your boyfriend every night this month."

"You bitch!"
by Shaun R. Palmer December 07, 2007
Milkshake that has seaman in it.
"Do you want to go to the McDonald's in Edgware?"

"No. It got closed down for selling a happy shake milk shake."
by Shaun R. Palmer February 02, 2008
A person who puts the hood of a hoody on their head, but does not wear the jacket, then runs headfirst into walls.
"I am Super Shaun!"

"What the fuck are you doing?"


"You are such an idiot."
by Shaun R. Palmer January 22, 2008
A short way of saying 'flying disk'.
"Pass me back my flisk."

"It's mine now."

"Get back here with my flisk you cunt."
by Shaun R. Palmer January 22, 2008
The removal of male genitalia.
"His girlfriend started boying it off when she found him sleeping with that chick."

"It was probably worth it though because that bitch was fine."
by Shaun R. Palmer February 22, 2008

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