15 definitions by Shaneo

a similar meaning to that of 'the shit'. Mostly old skool folks refer to this word.
oh my gawd, that's the funky shit!
by Shaneo October 17, 2003
top dog; jewels so bright,one becomes stunning. Originated by the "Cash Money Millionaires."

o shit, u da 1# stunner
by Shaneo October 17, 2003
What southern people call every different type/ brand of soda, which makes absolutely no sense.
Waitress: "What kind of coke would you like?"

Me: "Well you didn't give me very many options there did ya."
by ShaneO January 10, 2014
Get 'safe' or to be a 'safe character'
'fix up, look sharp, cmon, get dark'
dizzee rascal
by Shaneo October 17, 2003
To get pissed in a garden with girls n boys ; then passin out in tents (or anywhere dat feels relatively safe for you to sleep on)
.....dat was sum real tramp campin last nite- ooo yeh mo fucker
by Shaneo October 26, 2003
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