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Once described by Murty Ryan of Limerick City, Ireland, the feek, or 'getting da feek' is a diverse sexual encounter with a member of the opposite sex.
Feeked that byour behind superdine a few weeks ago for a malboro light.... Fact
by Shane Tighe from soloway November 14, 2010
A woman is said to have been Hickie'd if she is 'pulled', or 'otherwise seduced' by a man in an unorthodox manner, such as being saluted by means of a tongue between two fingers through a kebab shop window to the tune of a wolf whistle.
...so you're telling me that the aliens that obducted you made you swear not tell owen about it because they were afraid he'd catch on that there's a whole other planet out there to be Hickie'd? ... yes.
by Shane Tighe from soloway November 14, 2010
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