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3 definitions by Shane C Gray

A man who is aroused by the site of beer and doughnuts. Category that originated with Homer Simpson. Any man who bears a strong resemblance in likeness or habit to Homer Simpson.
Any police officer or fireman you have ever met. "He got all homersexual and hit me for grabbing his Boston creme."
by Shane C Gray November 12, 2010
Mom I'd like to fuck in the ass.

MILFs that travel in packs. Plural of the word MILF
Most likely the mom who is just a little bit too cool for her children's comfort. The type of mom who would loan her daughter a G-string and massage oil. The mom who sings "Baby got back" at karaoke while booty shaking to the beat. She knows all the words to "Maneater" by Hall and Oates, and one look at her tells you she is one. The type of mom who upon meeting her goes right into your spankbank whether you are dating her daughter or not.
Dude...you mom is straight up MILFIA...between her and her friends I killed a whole box of tissues last night.
by Shane C Gray February 03, 2011
rɪˈmors noun:

1) An uncomfortable sense of gnawing guilt, or deep regret for a past misdeed that can easily be avoided by not giving a fuck.
I briefly felt a tinge of remorse after sleeping with your wife, but then I thought "who gives a fuck?"....and went to the bar for a beer and karaoke.
by Shane C Gray June 16, 2012