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An independent, strong girl, willing to give and receive to anyone honest with her. Loved and wanted by many yet unattainable because she's too independent and free. She has light brown hair, innocent eyes and has the most perfect body in the world. Her skin is flawless so it's hard to read under the surface. She never shows emotions. The best decision-maker in the world and the most understanding person ever. She's naturally smart, wise and lucky. She always knows what to do in certain situations and tries her best to never let you down. However, if you get on her bad side, she can literally control your fate. She has power and strength, lacking in many. She's straight-forward and blunt. A Layla MIGHT obsess over certain people from Asia :P She is loyal, trustworthy and honest. She's there for you unconditionally.
She's the most creative and artistic person you'll ever meet. A Layla is predicted to have a highest probability of a future in fashion design or art.
Obsessed with cleanliness and food but is a lazy fuck. Sleeps when her best friends wake up yet always there to talk to. She loves a good time and LOVES closeness with people. She'd do anything for that one best friend and has that one loyal best friend that never leaves her side. She's the luckiest person in the world because she has that one person who loves her more than she loves herself.
Person 1: Who's this girl in the amazing clothes?"That's Layla. Her artistic combinations are unbeatable.
Person 2: Oh that's Layla. She's so pretty.
Person 1: I'd do anything to be like Layla.
by Shameen (: January 01, 2013

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