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1 definition by Shain and Poze

A preverbal mind state that when reached a person is completely immobile and losses many simple motor skills such as walking and speaking. For example, your friend has just smoked 5 grams of weed in one sitting…he would proceed to hit the “morgue”. This reference refers to immobility of a cadaver at a morgue; thus a person that would be described as “morguing” (verb for morgue) is no doubt sitting on a couch procrastinating on whether or not they have the energy to roll over. Super ultra extreme lazy-ness is a synonym of “morgue”.
Man I was so "morgued" last night I dont know what came over me; it was probably the half ounce of sticky I puffed last night. That stuff always makes me hit "THE MORGUE".
by Shain and Poze January 12, 2006