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The only American Hero!
Me: I pledge Alligance to Tourettes guy....

Other guy: and Who's the Faggot With the Tuba!?
by Shadow The Bird Kid May 15, 2008
The spiciest herb in the world, used by most Asian and Arab resteraunts to add flavor to their foods.

In 1958, however, the United States banned the use of plutonium in food, resulting in many plutonium spice companies either going bankrupt or moving out of the country.
Johnny: Dude! I just got some plutonium!

Dan: Are you shitting me!?

Johnny: I shit you not! I'm gonna make some General Taos Chicken with it!

Dan: That shit's gonna be awesomely spicy!
by Shadow the Bird Kid April 26, 2008
to fuck
Me: I'm gonna edit her right in the

Dave: fuck you, she's my girlfriend!
by Shadow the Bird Kid August 30, 2008
A way for total n00bs to use a computer.
Jim: The Mac OS X gui is cool!!!!

Tim: You're a n00b!
by Shadow the Bird Kid April 19, 2008

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