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2 definitions by Shadeol

A tryhard is an excuse people use as to why they lost something, typically a game.

The person who uses the word implies that they weren't trying to win, and are calling the other person a tryhard because they WANT to win.

Amongst friends just wanting to have fun, this is a valid excuse. Though, this is mainly used by people (in games such as Modern Warfare 2) who go around playing against random people and losing.
Person 1: We're gonna beat you this game, noob.
Person 2: I doubt it.

(After the game, person 2's team wins)

Person 2: I thought you were going to win?
Person 1: Shut up. You're just a tryhard.
by Shadeol August 18, 2010
24 11
GT is an abbreviation for "Gamer-Tag". Gamer-Tags are the account name by which you play with on a console. They are generally associated with the Xbox.
Guy 1: "You play 360?"
Guy 2: "Yeah."
Guy 1: "Oh, you should totally give me your GT! We can play some Modern Warfare 2 tonight."
by Shadeol February 19, 2010
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