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2 definitions by Shade144

Probably one of the most misleading sites on the web. The video is around 10 seconds long. It starts out like a regular porn video, a girl and a guy are in a 69 position having sex. All of a sudden the girl sticks out some sort of plastic dildo and constantly jams it in the guy's cum hole. Moaning ensures, and the penis nearly splits open. It's a loop video.
Me: Hey, Nick, watch kids in a sandbox *Gives link*

Nick: Uh is that kids playing in a sandbox?

Me: Yeah... just click the link

Nick: *Clicks* Hey this is a porn si- WHAT THE FUCK!
by Shade144 April 23, 2011
74 61
Probably the most misused word (next to fag) in the world.

1. A word that can show happiness.

2. A word that can depict a homosexual

3. A word that can be used as a insult to either a inanimate object or to a person to increase the user's masculinity.
1. I am so gay, I got a A+ on my math test!

2. I am gay, I enjoy having sex with other men.

3a. This homework is so gay! Why does it have to be so long!?!?

3b. You are so gay!
by Shade144 April 23, 2011
4 75