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An act that requires a rare combination of dexterity and strength, as the female initiates a deep throat, the male pours wine over her head with one hand, and gives a "one inch punch" to the chest simultaneously with the other hand, causing the woman to lose her breath, gurgle, and moan. A successful "Grape Lady" will cause the woman to say any derivation of the phrases "ooohhh, oooh" "stop, stop, stop" and "I can't breathe."
After receiving the Grape Lady, the wine soaked woman fell off the bed trying to regain her breath.
by Shacknerz February 21, 2008
Pronunciation: thuhn-der-fuhk
Function: Verb

To publicly chastise someone without regard to social convention or political correctness
I will thunderfuck your ass right out of this grocery store, you retarded, douche bag, ass clown.
by Shacknerz July 10, 2008

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