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72 definitions by ShAdOw

noun; someone who kicks shit
tommy likes to kick shit, that dog is a real shit-kicker, kick-shit that shit nigga
by shadow December 03, 2004
Gimp A gimp is someone who wants to be like 50 cents/ llyod banks / slimshady. Who thinks hes the " Shizznat " all cool, can have whaever girl he wants and as many as he wants not to mention hes FAB-U-LUS rapping Skillz. funny though they only date Skanks
AKA: G-unit wanna be and a pimp wanna be.
g - G-uint
imp -pIMP
Blair MaGinn is a gimp, he thinks he can rap and get any girl he wants, whatta fag.
by Shadow December 17, 2004
A cock in each hole.
While filming a porno a porn star is usually double stuffed.
by shadow August 30, 2004
Meaning to toss up your gang,hood,city etc.
toss up your hood up homie
by shadow January 27, 2004
A kilo of weed.
by Shadow March 29, 2003
someone u love
i love my boo
i just spooned with my boo
by Shadow February 01, 2005
a great warrior know to defeat thousands of soldiers in battle, but when you finally beat him he runs away like a sissy and you only get a crummy +2 attack from him
the teachers weren't happy that i brought a halbert to class, so i went lu bu on their asses
by shadow December 03, 2004