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People have the wrong idea About Bro-hoes.

there are FAKE bro-hoes and REAL bro-hoes.


A REAL bro-hoe:

Rolls with actual RESPECTED bros.

Are usually sweet girls, But are highly Judged

by their Style.

Where Brands like SRH (supporting radical habits-Founded by the KOTTONMOUTH KINGS) no fear, Skin, Hustler Alpine stars...etc

Like plat forms, And ripped jeans/mini skirts, Low cropped shirts&& Brass Knuckles

is usually TAN from Mobbing it up on her dirtbike.

Like lifted trucks Because it is Obviously easy to drag around their Dirt bikes.

Listens to KMK...Goes to Kmk shows...

smokes Ganja drinks beer


Is loyal To her man...Usually a guy in a dirtbike crew.

The difference is there is a SLUT. and a bro-hoe.
Real Bro hoes can whoop ass traveling in packs or not.

If u were smart u can tell the difference.
That girl is such a bro hoe, yeah what a slut.
by Sexiimommy April 07, 2010

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