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not all emo chicks are easy i am a emo chick n i dnt cry a lot and/or cut myself i have to admit to being easy but not all emo chicks are. the hair is the most important thing it is lk the boys but longer rli. and MUST cover AT LEAST 1 eye. most clothes will be tight thast means that u will have to be skinny!! that is y most emo kids r vegi's. the ipod is the best thing they own as most emos shop in thrift stores.
emo chick: ewwww look at that fat emo!!
emo boy: she cant be emo she fat!!!!
emo chick: hmmm tru o well. wanna fuc??
emo boy: sure lets go
#emo girls #emo #emo lasses #emo lass #emo people
by Sexi emo chick!! April 11, 2006
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