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You become a type of 'Dog Derulo' depending on how you are feeling, what sort of state of mind you are in.

It originated in Aberystwyth November 2011 and all started with 'Fume Dog Derulo'

Only some words will work.

If you use the wrong word, or become a dog derulo in the wrong situation, you could end up a)looking like a right tit b)ruin the whole 'dog derulo' get-up.

An example of the words you can use,
Steaming - becomes 'Steam Dog derulo'
Fuming - 'Fume Dog Derulo'
Jealous - 'Jel Dog Derulo
Get turned down by a minger, definite cause for - 'Rejected Dog Derulo'

A few other examples;
Good cook? = a Culinery Genius Dog Derulo
'I heard a bunch of geltaidd live in the Sex Pit now, FUME DOG DERULO!!'

'Sex Panthers social on thursday? I'm gonna be STEAM DOG DERULO!'
by SexPantherGaffer December 06, 2011

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