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The act of exposing one's penis at a party or event (preferably a large one (referring to the penis or the event or both)) and shooting jizz EVERYWHERE. Thus spraying and dazzling everyone at the event or party.
The following is Jake's account of a sprazzle dazzle:

Jake: This party really blows.

Timothy: Very true. Here, imma try to save it. (Hops on stage and whips it out.)

Jake: ...the fuck??? OH! AHH!

(A cannon shot is heard and jizz flies everywhere)

Audience: AHH! EEWW! OHHH! (Moans and groans)

Jake: Well that's the end of this suit...

Random girl: That was dazzling!
by Sex Monkey Tree October 11, 2009
The "other" harmless internet window you have open as a failsafe you can quickly switch to when you are viewing pornographic material, some other kind of taboo activity, or simply stuff you don't want your mom to catch you looking at.
I was watching a tree buttfuck a monkey last night on my comp. Good thing I had the PETA website open as a pornsafe to cover it up when my mom walked in.
by Sex Monkey Tree June 17, 2010

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