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When anigga falls a sleep in the shower and clogs shit up, that's a foot plug.
Damn Mark, did you footplug last night and rain down on your ceiling? That's some shit..
by Sew Diggity April 29, 2005
When a nigga hasn't gotten to touch da pussy in a long time, it builds up dust and cobwebs. Sometimes afriend like Triple B has to do the dirty work and smack dat shitt....
Damn Barry, there is dust all over the place, did you smack Walker's wife around again... Get the Dustbuster out.
by Sew Diggity April 14, 2005
When you go to smack dat ass one good time, and you have to wear a mask cause you can't see a motherfuckin thing cause that shit has been closed up for years, that's a motherfucking hint to get out the dustbuster with a 14.4 volt battery for the son bitch.
Damn, Walker smack ya wife around at least once a year so when Triple B goes to hit it, his allergies don't flare up. get out the damn dustebuster...
by Sew Diggity May 02, 2005
Whena a motherfucker sux so bad in Fantasy sports and beats off in the shower cause his wife won't hook him up, he has to get the White Rain out.
Damn Walker, your team sux. You win the White Rain award...
by Sew Diggity April 28, 2005

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