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Most amazing and awesome of the characters in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. Snape is sexy with a bad attitude because he's the onely person in the wizarding world that actually realizes how stupid everyone else is. He's probably amazingly powerful and he hates the annoying git Harry Potter.
"I hate that annoying git Harry Potter and I am sexy and powerful." ~Severus Snape~
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by Severus July 31, 2006
1)A specimen that has over 6,000 hairs on its upper body, and flies very slow, seeing as though it is so hairy. The hair slows down the eagle's overall airspeed, making it the world's slowest, ugliest, animal...ever
2)Woman who doesn't shave her armpits and therefore never has a date.
1) The HAIRY EAGLE flew over me today and took a dump on my face. It was ugly and slow.
2) That chick is a HAIRY EAGLE. She doesn't shave her armpits and I shall therefore not date her.
#hairy eagle #hairy #eagle #armpit #hair #bird #date #animal
by Severus July 31, 2006
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