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verb (Bo'ing; past Bo'd; past part. Bo'd)

1. The art of presenting partially incorect information on a topic which you have little or no expertise in,while giving off the impression of skill in the particular area being discussed. Currently being used in the IT industry by mid-level managers in order to weasel out of business commitments and to avoid being reprimanded.

2. To knowingly present half truths instead of admitting that you simply don't know enough on the topic,even though you should.

Is often done by insecure and incompetent people in order to distract colleagues from that person's own deficiencies.


a person who Bo's.


1. Carsten didn't know how to solve the current problem with their application, so when the senior executive Sarah confronted Carsten with this, he had to Bo her.


"That guy is a total Bo"
1: Hey, how did that important meeting with the customer go that you weren't prepared for?

"Don't worry, I Bo'd the shit out of them"

2: I am not ready for this meeting, I'm gonna have to Bo it.
by Severin Bernadotte September 08, 2006

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