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1) A white trash school in Dayton, Ohio.
2) The only division 1 school within a 100 mile radius of Cincinnati to not make a post-season tournament in 2007.
3) A small Dayton school with a sewer as a stadium
4) An inferior version of Wright State
5) A school content with losing
6) A school who's mascot is a blind Frenchman
7) A bastion of mental and physical deficiency.
8) A small junior college in Dayton, Ohio.
9) A school that will be better, next year.
If you want to work at McDonald's all your life, go to the University of Dayton.

The University of Dayton, when your best still isn't good enough.

The University of Dayton, where next year is always better.
by Setzer Cole May 16, 2007
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