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a name given to an ex girlfriend/that insane girl down the street who exhibits one if not all of these qualities:
-Suicide threats for attention
-Obnoxious facebook/twitter rants
-Being truly distasteful in appearance
-Always upset about something
-Having "the crazy eye"
-Complaining for attention
Example 1
-Person 1: "Dude I told you your ex was insane"
-Person 2: "I know, she was a real gordilla"

Example 2
-Person 1: "My life sucks BLAHBLAHBLAH"
-Person 2+ : "stfu gordilla"

Example 3
-Person 1: "I felt a dark presence in the air yesterday"
-Person 2: "what do you mean?"
-Person 1: "It was just gordilla walking in to the jewl"
-Person 2: "LOL"

Example 4
-Person 1: "That girl you met was a real gordilla"
-Person 2: "indeed, a true Vlagum"
by Senor kay see you eff August 13, 2011

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