2 definitions by Senor Spooner

Sexy pics posted by your Facebook friends that, while technically not NSFW, expose enough skin to get your gears grinding. You may revisit their profile again and again to sneak a peek, often during work, and always under the guise of "keeping in touch."
Is that porn on your screen? No, it's just a photo of my friend Hanna's tramp stamp. I guess it qualifies as Faceporn.
by Senor Spooner July 02, 2010
A cute dog used to lure dates and/or sex, usually by young men in parks, beaches and other open public spaces. The booty hound is often a black lab or lab mix and named something like Max, Jack or Buddy, and is good at retrieving frisbees, tennis balls and handbags of unsuspecting females. The guy will also wrestle with Max, Jack, Buddy or whatever to show that he is sensitive, yet also athletic.
Where did Eric find a chick this hot?

He met her when he was walking Buddy at the dog park.

Booty hound strikes again.
by Senor Spooner July 27, 2011

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