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An organization started by a 14-year-old tool from Pasadena, as endorsed by his parents and apparently his friends. This group, obviously in direct violation of the USA's first amendment, has somehow been endorsed by congressmen and law enforcement alike. The aforementioned 14-year-old has also authored a hilarious, although pathetic "music video" wherein he spasms about his neighborhood, telling people not to use swear words. I, much like thousands of other people who have seen this music video, are anxious to hear how this person has turned out in three to five years.
"If you wanna be my peer, please respect my ears - don't cuss!"
-14 year old founder of the No Cussing Club
"Do me a favor, say 'don't cuss' for me. Thanks, I'll have a cheeseburger."
-14 year old founder's equally queer father
by Senor Mysterious October 19, 2007

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