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Hamden is a fairly big town, it is actually considered a city because of the amount of people, but we are still known as the Town Of Hamden. A childs life growing up in Hamden can change drastically depending on what area of hamden they grow up in.
You have the North end of hamden that is filled with a bunch of rich crackers that think they are the shit and walk around the halls of Hamden High wearing there Hollister and AE clothes. Then you have the South end of hamden. Now, its not as bad as people make it seem. Yeah, you have the drug dealers and yeah, the majority of the people living there are black or hispanic. But that dosent mean anything. If you know people, then your fine. But if your white and from the North end... dont bother coming unless your planning on spending money on drugs.
Hamden High itself is a huge Salade bowl. NOT a melting pot by far. If you walk into the lunch room you can see the seperate tables for Blacks, White, Hispanics, and the Asians. Most of the administrators are racist and the security guards dont do ANYTHING. If your a senior then you pretty much can do what you want, but if your a freshman... stay in your place... please.
For all the future graduates of Hamden High School a little advice, go to college! If you dont, then you are most likley going to be living there for the rest of your life! Get out while you can. I know i am.
Oh Yeah, One more thing... H-town is a gay name. =)
hamden is a boring ass town.
by Senior Status October 16, 2006
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