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An alliterative way of saying something was never cool.
Fanny packs were cool in 199never.
by Semiuseful Magazine July 15, 2008
Vomit that's frozen.
There were several pukesicles in my front yard after New Year's.
by Semiuseful Magazine January 02, 2009
Champagne with a Rainbow Twizzler straw.
We toasted with Champizzle.
by Semiuseful Magazine July 10, 2008
One who is comically fussy, finnicky, nitpicky, etc.
My grandmother is a fussmuppet about table manners.
by Semiuseful Magazine July 24, 2008
When people buy you drink/s out of sympathy.
My coworkers took me out for pity pints after I got laid off.
by Semiuseful Magazine March 11, 2009
Voter who selects mixed parties on a ballot.
Younger voters tend to be bipoller.
by Semiuseful Magazine January 27, 2009
Whatever new Apple gadget people just HAVE to have.
Steve Jobs announced the launch of their new iWhatever.
by Semiuseful Magazine January 27, 2009

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