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hydrotard -

1. (Verb)To melt someone's rational ability with stupid or silly entertainment.

-Past tense: Hydrotarded, Past Participle: Hydrotard, Present Participle: Hydrotarding-

1. (Noun)Someone who is temporarily rendered stupid or silly by drinking alcohol, watching too much television,etc.

-Plural: Hydrotards -


I like to hydrotard my mom when she's upset, so she'll feel better.

After I hydrotarded the class, the teacher sent me to the principal's office.

I had hydrotard the class to get suspended from school and play video games at home.


She giggled and said, "You're such a hydrotard."

At the karaoke bar, we hydrotards started dancing insanely.
by Self-Proclaimed King of Words January 31, 2009
Definition 2: A neutral pronoun used to make life so much easier and sentences so much clearer. Manlady is a far better word choice than they or he or she.
Our friend phoned the other day and manlady told me what you had said.

When an individual feels like manlady is having difficulties, manlady should contact a tutor immediately.
by Self-Proclaimed King of Words January 31, 2009

1. That which makes a full, healthy and pneumatic behind.

2. An extra supply of energy or a second wind that allows us to continue doing something, even when we're exhausted.

-booty juicy-

1. Used to describe a person who appears to have gotten botox injections.
2. Used to describe an energetic person.
3. Used to describe a person with a nice butt.
You've got some booty juice in your trunk.

You've got an extraordinary booty juice when it comes to psychology homework.

Giiiirl, that outfit makes you look so fine and booty juicy.

by Self-Proclaimed King of Words January 31, 2009

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