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1 definition by Seeker of the Truth

The man or woman who whenever a movie is made about a mental hospital is always portrayed as a hero. In those movies they play the role of the tireless defender of the mentally ill who fights against the system. In real life they are the ones who run the mental hospitals therefore they are the system. Movies are like this because most writers of these scripts have been patients at mental hospitals. Social workers readily accept credit for the good and are even better at putting the blame for bad situations off on the Doctors, nurses, aides, and that ambiguous entity called "The team."
Sally the the social worker ordered Adam the aide to take Mary the mental patient's personal radio away from her because she only earned four stars out of five in Sally's therapy group. Adam takes the radio. Mary the mental patient complains to Sally the social worker about Adam the aide taking her radio. Sally tells Mary she has "No clue" why Adam did that. Mary assaults Adam with a heavy object causing him permanent brain damage. Mary then files abuse and neglect charges against Adam. Sally and Mary both testify against him and he is fired. The local newspaper hears of this and does a story that portrays Sally as a hero and Mary as the heroic victim. The team of social workers who run the institution see to it that Adam gets denied both medical care and unemployment benefits. Adam tries fighting them in court but with brain damage he can't think clearly and neglects his personal appearance. The jury at the trial had all seen a movie the previous night about a mental hospital where the aides were bullies, the patients were victims, and the social workers were heros. Adam does 3 months in jail for his supposed assault against mary and now roams the streets homeless. Sally gets a big promotion. Mary wins a lawsuit against the mental institution and was filthy rich for a short time. A well meaning but incompetent social worker mismanaged her funds.
by Seeker of the Truth December 25, 2011
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