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Corporate slang for the office environment, as a whole.

Cubical Land is a notional concept of any office space where an employee typically works, and isn't really a physical location or cubicle farm. Typically used when talking about a security zone or network subnet.
Hey Erik, you're not going to believe this! Some assclown admin wanted to put all his production app servers on the core network, until I reminded him that 60% of corporate attacks occur from Cubicle Land, not the Internet. He's such a tool.
by Security Wonk July 18, 2008
1] Slang in a corporate environment where feedback and open communication from cubicle monkeys is strongly discouraged. Opposite of Open Door Policy.

2] Sarcastic term used to mock an organization's Open Door Policy double speak, when their Open Door Policy is just meaningless tripe and lip service.
I thought of a great way to save the company some money, but our manager's Closed Door Policy ensures that will never happen... she thinks ideas from the cubicle farm are a waste of her precious time. I feel like such a tool.
by Security Wonk July 18, 2008
An example of corporate double speak.

A "policy" in a corporation that purports to invite open communications with middle management by stating their door is always open as a matter of policy. However, it's just human resources bullshit, as such feedback is almost universally NOT desired by the managers, 90% of whom will see such interruptions as wasting time.

Because it is not really a policy, it's a statement that is designed to lull employees into the womb of contentment while not actually accomplishing anything.

See also closed door policy.
"Man, our benefits package this year really blows! I wish I could tell management."
"Hey, doesn't your department have an Open Door Policy?"
"Are you kidding? They just say that because it sounds friendly. If I bitched to my manager about this, I'd be shown the door."
by Security Wonk July 18, 2008

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