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Nintedo's fifth generation into the console wars, formerly known only by the code name, and superior name all around, Revolution, Nintendo has recently announced it's name as Wii, pronounced as "we" it simbolizes the point Nintendo has been trying to get across that this console will be for everyone, from kids to the elderly, and aparently the homosexual.
Nintendo of America has also gone on record saying that the console name will not be changed, or any different when sent over seas.

Many people have mixed reactions from this... interesting new name, many spawning lame and immature jokes, whether they're true or not, and while it may not be good publicity, it's still publicity.

Seriously...Wii. I shit you not.
"Hey man, did hear they changed the Rev's name to Wii?"
"No way man, that's "wiik" LAWL"

"Hey dude wanna come to my place and play it up with my wii?"
"Come one, it got great game play and pretty decent graphics, my wii's the best"
"No thanks."
by Secret Saiyan FTW April 28, 2006
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