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- noun (partner dance)

1. a dance step which involves the simultaneous snapping of one's fingers and cocking of one's head to the side; often accompanied by awkward straight-legged kicking.

2. one frequently performs the cocksnap while dancing with a mortified partner.

- verb (partner dance)

1. to execute such movements while dancing: "The woman cocksnapped arhythmically throughout the dance.

2. to terrorize male dancers by lurking in the shadows of a dance hall and suddenly springing upon them and devouring a portion of their souls: Oh man, thats the second time tonight that poor Peter has gotten cocksnapped!
Cocksnap is a 21st century mythological figure typically associated with the vernacular dancing cultures of American Pacific Northwest region. Not unlike the 'Boogie man' or Erkoenig, in British and German lore respectively, the Cocksnap causes those with whom it dances to lose their will to live. Supposedly the Cocksnap's name comes from a head movement typically done by the creature while snapping its fingers which, when performed repeatedly, causes her expecting victims unfathomable suffering, leaving them, in the end, empty shells of the men they once were. Cocksnaps are typically female, but may occasionally be male. (see Male Cocksnap)
by Seattle Lindyhop August 21, 2007

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