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Used mainly around kent and london in the UK this phrase summarises the feeling of being impressed by something with out going into detail. This can be used for varying levels of reaction.
"You know Dave? He beat the shit out of Gary last night down the wreck!" "Sure enough!"
"I got some weed we can spark up here" "sure enough"
by Seany C August 05, 2006
Cockney slang. Two bob as in two bob bit (tit). this rpoughly means dont treat me like a tit!
Cumon Ray! Dont mac me off like a two bob! (love honour and obey)
by Seany C August 06, 2006
Short for brederin', a slang phrase for brother.
Yo, wussup bred?
Yeah bred!
by Seany C August 05, 2006

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