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One of the most popular mp3 players in (at least) the USA. Despite all the people here who try to diss it, and I daresay I find it hilarious to read :D

- You can choose the size based on what you have in your computer (I got 8GB, 500+ songs already on it and I can store my whole CD collection)
- VERY portable
- Relatively durable if used properly
- Easy-to-use interface (contrary to popular opinion, if it is an mp3, you can use it. Not that BS about nazi-style monopoly and m4p crap)
- Did I say popular?

To all the pri-... I mean people who complain about being seen with the white earbuds (which are pretty decent on their own), try this:

1. Plug your ears in with buds but do not connect to iPod
2. Arrange it so that the cord runs down the BACK of your shirt. This is a critical step in making the view angle-proof
3. Wear a hoodshirt. Also, if applicable, wear a cap as well over the earbuds.
4. NOW plug into your iPod in your pocket. The hood covers all remaining angles and you can now tune away w/o fearing getting caught :D
iPod nano costs approx. $149 in 8 colors at most shops. The 9th is purchaseable @ Apple
#apple #ipod #concealed #palm #music
by Sean Skyhawk December 02, 2008
The kind of pimp slap that results when you strike someone with your carpal, yeah, like if the bottom of your palm (just above the wrist) hits a subordinate's head
Damn, that Rangiku-san can pull off a real carpal (like in Bleach episode 115, you'll see what I mean)
#carpal #bleach #slap #palm #pimp #bitch
by Sean Skyhawk May 15, 2008
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