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1) being suprised by the placement of a snake (real or fake) in an unusual place. This also applys to online mediums such as forums or emails containing an unexpected snake photo. Anyone who see the snake has effectively been snaked.
"Call me the professor cus I just took you to snkaed school!"
by Sean Murphy February 07, 2005
"Reow" is a phonetic word from the flash animation "End of the World" where many major world powers nuke each other.

It is used is the following ways:

1. A Greeting - like Hello
2. A Congradulatory comment - like Good Job! or Cool!

* Other comments from the animation may also be used in conjunction, such as "H'yes" or "h'okay".

** "Good Good" a reference to a Family Guy episode, may also be used to humor the dialect.

Brian: Hello Sean
Sean: REOW!


Brian: I just got a PSP!
Sean: REOW!!
Brian: H'yes, good good.
by Sean Murphy March 30, 2005
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