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2 definitions by Sean Morris2

An opiate derivative most commonly kept in a plastic, lubricated packet and inserted into the anus for a short high but can also be injected into the anus using a turkey baster.
Usually sold for around five dollars a packet.
"Mr. Raimondi has been addicted to scoob for so long that his anus can easily handle four packets at a time"

"The dealer down the street sold Jaimy a "Scoob Tube Kit", containing five packets, a bottle of lube and three paper plates for twenty dollars"
by Sean Morris2 January 07, 2008
The process of inserting "Scoob", an opiate derivative into the anus for short high. It is usually in the form of a plastic jelly packet that is heavily lubricated.
"Hey, you kids haven't been scoobin tonight have ya?"

"A tell tale sign that somebody has been scoobin' is a wet spot on the back of thier pants.
by Sean Morris2 January 07, 2008