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This is THE game to play when you are drunk(or on multiple drugs, whatever).The perfect game for the pre-felon. In this game you will, use an uzi, spray people with fire hoses, drive an ambulance, kill for money,collect cars, be chased by gangsters, use a pager, dump dead bodies blah blah blah... This is the kind of game that even your girlfriend enjoys to play. A must play for the PS2.
"I just rented this game from Blockbuster. They're never get it back, HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!"
by Sean McReynolds February 01, 2004
1. A mistake at a party e.g. someone stepping on someone elses foot, somebody bumping into people, somebody spilling beer everwhere, accidental cigarette burn, or when someone fumbles the pipe.
"Did you see the way they dropped me on that last kegstand? Major partyfoulers they are."
by Sean McReynolds February 03, 2004
Wasting time learning nothing.
I typed this in science class.
by Sean McReynolds February 02, 2004
Every hardcore smoker in Phoenix knows that Prime Time is that lil flavored mini cigar that people usually roll blunts with. Can find them at about any gas station for 99 cents. Very good to smoke.
"I got the weed. You got the Prime Time?"
by Sean McReynolds February 01, 2004
The ever so popular Girls Gone Wild infomercial. (GGW)
"They play that GGW informercial so much at night, that I once whaked off fifteen times in one night before they were all over."
by Sean McReynolds February 03, 2004

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