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The girl or woman that accompanies a prostitute on a multiple trick call. The primer's job is to give the tricks a brief blow job, so as to shorten the time the actual prostitute must spend with each individual. Also know as the "sucker".
We can't go up north to the plant until we get the primer. There are ten guys there and it will be too much work without her.
by Sean Layman May 12, 2006
A girl who freely engauges in sex with visitors to various clubs that she attends.
See that hottie over there, she is the club pump of the whole East end of town.
by Sean Layman May 26, 2006
The person one becomes after being dumped or factored out of a relationship.
He was no longer on the list to be invited to the holiday dinner, he is a nonexistant.

A person is seen with another everyday for five years, then suddenly he is never talked about, he is a nonexistant.
by Sean Layman April 16, 2006

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