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1 definition by Sean Foran

The onomatopoeia reference to the sound (or mixture of tones) produced by one or a combination of the following: 1. Traditional fart; 2. The Shart; 3. Sudden dung explosion (either the very first or very last poop shooter during defecation); 4. Lettin' the ooze flow; 5. Massive James Earl Jones Anal Room Shaker; 6. Papua New Guinea surprise (causes sudden pants or bed wetting and/or soiling); 7. Marlon Brando's Diaper Revenge.

note: Sometimes pronounced "flaaaarp!" or "flarp?"
Just as I thought that the populous ooze had quit its awful tantrum, my whole family reunion experienced a simultaneous sudden dung explosion creating a single, supersonic flarp that shattered gampy's brittle bones.
by Sean Foran August 14, 2007
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