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Pebbles & Tessie were the pets of Pat and Mick, Rachel and Sean. Pebbles was a female Tortoishell Cat and Tessie was a female Kelpie Blue heeler X. They were the best pets of all time. And they lived into their late teens. When anyone saw Tessie and Pebbles they would be in awe of thir greatness, and their names became words that would be used to express how good something was.
Pebbles & Tessie Example - For exmaple Sean - "these oranges are really good Dad(Mick)"
To which Mick would reply "Tessie like oranges. Tessie joined the navy, so she coyuld have a naval orange".

Sean - "Dad, I really like your new car" - "So do I Dad replied" . "My new car is so good, even Pebbles said it was good". Pebbles is cat, so cannot talk. The car is so good that a cat who cannot talk, cos she is a cat, says it is good.
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by Sean Curry August 03, 2007
The sound made when ejaculating
You may be receiving oral pleasures from a lady (or man, whatever floats your boat), and at the point of climax the noise expelled by your willy while ejaculating is a big "BLAT", similar to the sound it would make if you jumped on a full tube of toothpaste.
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by Sean Curry August 04, 2007
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