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An uncontrolable anus itch that has to be scratched by any means possible.
When seeing the large baconstrip in my underwear, I thought I had shit myself, but then remembered the four fingered effort of trying to dislodge a major salty peanut from my ass earlier in the day.
by Sean Cookson September 06, 2006
When someone passes out, flat on their back from too much drink or drug and a friend stands over them, pulls their pants down and proceeds to ride the unconscious person's nose with the crack of their ass. Loud buzz saw noises must be made while performing this action.

It's quite a sight to behold.
I've never had a 'Buzz Saw' but I sure have witnessed many.
Dean 'Buzz Sawed' that guys face like a jack rabbit!
by Sean Cookson August 29, 2006
A shit stain on the underwear usually caused by digging fingers into the ass to scratch out an uncontrolable salty peanut (See salty peanut). Also known as a skid mark.
As she folded the laundry she noticed a large baconstrip in her boyfriend's underwear.


He decided to not buy white underwear anymore, because of his baconstrip making problem.
by Sean Cookson September 06, 2006
An insulting description of someones face.
Her body looked like a playboy model's... too bad her face looked like a 'chewed caramel'.
by Sean Cookson August 29, 2006
A nickname used for a guy who hasn't the balls to stand up to his girlfriend or wife.
J.A.: I don't think she's going to let me go.
Buddy: Let you?? Listen here, Johnny Appleseeds... you go back in there and tell her you're playing poker with the guys tonight. If not, give me a call when you grow some apples down there.
by Sean Cookson August 20, 2007
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