8 definitions by Sean Connery

Someone who is extremely proud of their laziness and should be worshipped for their ability to avoid burning calories.
"Shanotgettinit!" Shouted the fatass when the knock came on the door.
by Sean Connery February 26, 2003
Gussy it up however you want, Trebek, what matters is does it work?
Wait, wait, are you selling Penis Mightiers?
by Sean Connery August 31, 2003
AOL: America Online - It's worth about as much as the twist ties that come with you 90 cent value pack of garbage bags.
AOL: Garbage
AOL: The sharp edge on a newley opened can lid.
AOL: The fish guts that have been on your door step since last august.
AOL: The bag of chips that take forever to open
AOL: Your uncles wooden LAG
AOL: An acronym often used in boot camps to make kids behave
Husband: "Hey Honey! A new AOL CD just came in the mail!"
Wife: "Does it have anthrax on it?"
Husband: "I Don't think so"
Wife: "Throw it in that big pile where our pool used to be with the rest of the minature frisbies"
by Sean Connery April 18, 2005
Coot is gay
Coot loves the cock
by Sean Connery February 26, 2003
hey, jackass, it's called a fucking boomilever, not boom lever. You really are a cunt
Petroxion is about to rip Coot's head off
by Sean Connery February 26, 2003
object of affection for an extemely ugly female with breasts the size of golf balls and a voice that could shatter glass. She will be known as Alexis B... wait, that's too obvious, how about A Bailey
We all feel sorry for jauntymcbox
by Sean Connery February 26, 2003
an @$$hole is a reference to someone who is intentionally acting like an asshole online. Some common traits to @$$holes are extreme hubris and stating things that are obviously offensive.
"Sometimes I park in handicapped spaces while handicapped people make handicapped faces. I'm an @$$hole" -Denis Leary
by Sean Connery February 26, 2003

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