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A smaller version of the sad sace. Gets beaten daily for the smallest of reasons. Is constantly in compition with the sad face for food/a sammich/a klondike bar. Little Fucks are indiginous to Nigeria and are known for their bright and shinny attitidues. A little fuck will get beaten daily and will usually sit on your dresser giving you reminders of things......until you give her a swift punch to the face.
The little fuck says, "Good Moring!!!" in a bright and happy voice......you then beat the shit out of her.
by Sean Brummner January 05, 2005
Girl who gets severly beaten and is therefor sad. Sad face is usually beaten by a close family member/ and or any random person. Will give self up sexually for any amount of food/ respect.
The sad face says, "Blimey daddy is it nessecary for you to beat me with a rusty tire iron?"
by Sean Brummner January 03, 2005
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