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v. re-TARD
1. (non-transitive) to decelerate.
2. (transitive) to cause a given object to decelerate.

Note: This word is NOT a noun, therefore anyone who descends to the level of naming an unfortunate person with mental disabilities (actually known as a retardee, a subject of mental retardation) a "retard" (with a mysterious emphasis on the first syllable) can be classified as illiterate, and can be ignored as a result. These people should be ignored anyway as they obviously have no sense of decency or sensitivity. This also applies to people who call non-retardees, "retards", implying that to be a "retard" indicates a status worthy of ridicule.
1. At that point the car had, for some reason, begun to retard.
2. At that point the driver had, for some reason, begun to retard his car.

Note applies to the following:
a) n00b1: Yo, ya know Freddy? That's a hell of a retard!
non-n00b: You are clearly an insensitive and illiterate person worthy only of constant ignoration.
n00b2: Hey yo, stop bein' a retard!
convertedn00b1: He's got a point, you n00b (referring to n00b2)!
convertedn00b2: I submit.
And they all lived happily ever after.

b) n00b: Hah! How can you possibly "retard" someone? It isn't a vorb!
non-n00b1: Yes it is, and it's pronounced "verb".
n00b: Don't yo tell me what to do, yo mofo!
non-n00b2: Go to hell yo mofo!
convertedn00b: I submit.
And they all lived happily ever after.
by Scytale January 11, 2006
Someone that is attracted to feet.

It is, actually.
"Pedo", a Latin word, not a Greek one, means "foot".

I think you guys are thinking about the Greek word, "Paedo", for child.

Therefore, someone that has a love for children is a "paedophile", and a "paediatrician" is a child doctor, while a "pedophile" is someone with a love for feet, and a "pediatrician" is a foot doctor.

Does this not negate all of your definitions?
Person 1: My aunt was really weird; she was a pedophile.

Person 2: Sick! How utterly sick!

Person 1: No, as in P-E-D-O, pedophile, not P-A-E-D-O, paedophile.

Person 2: What's the difference?
by Scytale March 20, 2006

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