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gift with purchase is the gift that keeps on giving when you have sexual intercourse with a skank whore!
I got a gwp when I screwed the town slut last night because I was so horny and I had nobody else to boink.
by scubadoobadoo January 16, 2009
Farting when exercising.
geez...I flatusized when doing situps at the gym.
by Scubadoobadoo January 09, 2009
The feeling one gets after discovering a surprise in one's pants after farting.
I was feeling a case of shartphoria coming over me as I was at the cocktail party with no back up underwear.
by scubadoobadoo January 10, 2009
People you press the ignore button on your cell phone and default directly to voice mail when they call. These people are usually drama-laiden, annoying or boring.
Buzz Killington is calling me on the celly. He is so obnoxious and, thus, ignoreworthy!
by Scubadoobadoo February 27, 2009

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