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The BCS is a poorly contrived concept to match the top 2 teams in College Football at the end of the Bowl Season to play for the National Championship. Mostly due to Ohio State's inability to beat Michigan during the mid 90s when they were the superior team and lost late in the season thus moving them down the polls.

Due to Disney/ABC/ESPNs continual pimping of conferences on their networks, superior conferences such as the SEC get the shaft while analysts such as Mark May cream their pants at the thought of watching USC beat Fresno St by 30. Better yet watch Lou Holtz jerk off under the broadcast desk every time Notre Dame beats Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard and every other academy they can find. What was VMI to busy?
"Wow, did you see the BCS give the SEC get the shaft again? I didn't think we could top screwing an undefeated Auburn team in 2004, but we came close with screwing Florida in 2006. Oh my Gawd -- is that Pete Carroll??" Mark May waking up from wet dream with a soiled blanket

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