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the exact opposite of a cock block.
helping your good friends get some
Dude Nick thanks for helping me hook up Kaitlyn. You are so good at cock guiding. You are so not Bennett.

No problem Erik.
by Scotty and Nick December 07, 2007
when a member of the same or opposite sex impedes the attempts of a male to "Get Some Pussy" or "Get Some butt hole". cock blocking can also be considered when one man goes to cock slap a chick and another guy hits the cock down with his hand, hence that guy is gay. ie. the exact opposite of a straight man/cock guider.
"Goddamn it i am soo sick and tired of Bennett cock blocking i totally would have gotten some pussy all up on my dick if he wasn't cock blocking me soo much!"
by Scotty and Nick December 07, 2007
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