62 definitions by Scotty

somthing that is very very big.
That bitch had mamma jamma titties.
by scotty July 09, 2003
Golden doughnut is slang for a womans vagina
im gana be threading the eye through the golden doughnut tonight mate!
by scotty April 07, 2004
a great band that tours in music festivals such as AGMF and sonfest. they realy kick ass and have some great lyrics and meaning to their songs while giving a lot of original sound you can realy LUV. singer is one of the most telented heard
"saw maverick at sonfest, and i cant get all the great sogns outa my head, cant wait for their CD"
by scotty April 07, 2004
Dang, is a term meaning Cigarette
Hey, Swing us a Dang
by Scotty July 31, 2004
Bob Bain
Bob Bain is a knob cheese
by Scotty April 30, 2003
The word Glebe means an absolute fucking spasticated faggot
Lewis, you are a fucking Glebe!
by scotty December 21, 2004
vertical is a 5 peice metal band that will take the world by storm with their KICKASS music. they are the breed under verical (followers of the 1 and only high God) and spread his message to ears all through the world. Gods word has never sounded so good WAHOO!
"i heard vertical play live, and dam they rock!!!"
by Scotty July 25, 2004

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