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2 definitions by Scott is Scott

A Christian clan in Halo, fully named Soldiers of Christ, which have two public servers on Halo: CE. They also have servers in other video games, for example Guild Wars, Counter-Strike: Source, Halo 2 Vista, and many others. They have a website and forums outside of games where members chat. A person wanting to join the clan becomes an applicant for a while, and the clan's council decides each month to decide which applicants to accept. Their leadership has guardians, guardian elders, and other positions. Clan members can participate in Members Only Weekend every month, which is when the server is made private. Battlesquad is another group in the clan which fight other clans and sometimes have intermurals with the non-battlesquad members. Overall, the clan has an above average players, many of which are really l33t.
I went to that }SoC{ server, they all killed me. I then cursed many times and was booted.
by Scott is Scott May 26, 2008
A blog by Matt Drudge that gained prominence after being the first news outlet to report the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Updates fairly quickly, but is less useful then it used to be with Google News and other news websites updating quicker then they used to.
I went onto the Drudge Report and saw a bunch of interesting stories in red.
by Scott is Scott May 26, 2008