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A person who sets off an alarming device from an automobile intentionally to create a: distractions, scene and a lame attempt to talk to drunkin girls. Normally, this act is done while perched on a fence after last call. Bottom line is the term is applied to one being or acting like a jackass! Other abbreviated words pertaining: Oint, Merch, Ley and LeOint.
1. After a long night of heavy drink, LeMerchoint was perched on fence post acting like an Oint! 2. While conversing with a group of girls, LeMerchoint, not familiar with geography, mistakenly thought New Jersey did not boarder part of the east coastline, acted like a Merch!
by Scott Johnson July 14, 2004
a tactical move that involves grabbing the fumes from your fart and putting them in your friends face.
That poopy pocket Scott put in my face smelled horrible
by Scott Johnson July 04, 2004
to show uberl337ness
that was a scittney frag
by scott johnson September 25, 2003

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