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25 definitions by Scott Is God

A word that must never be used by both blacks and whites. Yet black people constantly call each other that word.
Jim: What up my nigga
Paul: Nothing much Nigga
Scott: us black people should stop calling each other that word, it has evil roots.
Jim: What do you mean, homie?
Scott: What I mean is, you don't see Mexicans calling each other wetbacks or beaners because they think it's a "term of endearment", you don't see gay men saying: "look, there's my faggot over there!"
Paul: Good point
by Scott Is God December 11, 2009
something that everyone has done or will do in the course of their lives, even if they keep denying it in front of their friends.
Scott: Joe, when you get home and watch that porn, and you are done masturbating, don't forget to wipe up the mess

Joe: I'm not gay, I don't do that

Scott: ummmmmmmm, sure you do, everyone does.
by Scott Is God July 11, 2009
son of a bitch who murders poor defenseless dogs
Michael Vick sucks ass.
by Scott Is God November 05, 2007
One of the most overrated peices of crap wrestlers in the history of professional wrestling. Wrote one of the lamest wrestling autobiographies of all time, where he brags about cheating on his wife while she was fighting cancer. A real class act. He even wrote that he had no respect for the business and was only in it for the money. If you don't respect the business that made you, get the fuck out.

He also can't go through a single match without getting injured, botching (fucking up) a move, or both.

BOTCHtista is one of the reasons why WWE sucks today, and is also a reminder that the WWE has not created any new LONGTERM main eventers since 2005.

The guy has his head so far up Triple H's ass, that if he rammed it up there any further, he would see what "The Game" eats for breakfast every morning.
Jim: How did you like the Batista match last night?

Scott: Not at all, I don't like the roided up move botching injury prone douchebag roid monkey

Jim: yeah, anyone who cheers for a man who does not even respect the wrestling business, is not a real wrestling fan to begin with.

Scott: Yes, just a dumb mark sheep

Jim: As much as John Cena sucks, at least he respects the business and the fans.
by Scott Is God August 17, 2009
Another word for USELESS
Joe: Wow, that meeting was useless.
Scott: Yeah, just like Paris Hilton
by Scott Is God February 02, 2009
The MOST overpriced, overrated piece of shit antivirus on the market. Norton is probably one of the biggest piece of bloatware (programs that Hog up way more memory than it needs to) on the market. Plus Norton also gives more false positives than any other pay antivirus. If you want a pay-AV you have to go with something like Kaspersky, which most hackers actually swear by, and it does not hog up memory like Norton.
Jim: Do you have Norton Anti-Virus on your computer?
Scott: No, it's bloatware. I personally use Kaspersky as it's much more lightweight than Norton and also has the best record when it comes to false positives.
by Scott Is God April 12, 2010
A classic mid-nineties WWF (now WWE) character portrayed by Scott Hall. It was a cool character who came to the ring wearing obviously fake (but who really cares) big gold chains and always had a toothpick in his mouth. The Razor Ramon character made Scott Hall's career, after spending years as an opener to lower midcard talent. The character and fake Cuban accent were loosely based on Al Pacino in Scarface.
Joe: You going to watch John Cena vs. Hornswoggle tonight?

Scott: No that shit's boring, I'm going to watch the classic ladder match between Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon
by Scott Is God February 02, 2010