2 definitions by Scott Farley

1. To mishear what is said and interpret it incorrectly. 2. To misunderstand what is said and repeat it back in question form.
1. Man #1-Hand over that bowl of sugar now!
Man #2-Did he say, "Hand over that Polish hooker?"
Man #3-No dumbass, bowl of sugar.
Man #2-Oops, sorry, rootbeer explosion.
2. What's the name of that band? Dialated Poop-Holes?
by Scott Farley June 26, 2006
1.To claim something out of ignorance. 2.Perverted from being out of ignorance. Not Pee-wee Herman's version of perverted. 3. Possibly a mashup of pervert and contort.
When I asked what bone he broke in his arm, he pertorted with, "It was my tibia's metacarpal."
by Scott Farley June 27, 2006

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