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There are 4 beats to every 'bar'. Bars in the rap music context are the lyrics that you can say over 4 beats. The amount of bars you can spit depend on how fast you can rap your lyrics. Most lyricists use a 16 bar for 1 verse of a song. Whilst singers commonly use 8 bar verses. Although there is a lot of variation.
"Ay blud, i write them bars with ease. Thats why i got nuff of them"

"I spit the illest '16s' you wil ever hear"
by Scott Esskay :D January 06, 2007
Also known as yoghurting in some places. Usually used in the homosexual community, but is known to be used by heterosexual people also. Spooning is when you cum in somebodies ass crack, leave it in there and eat it with a spoon. Any remaining hairs, or faeces are part of the act. Yes, including long hairs coated in shit particles!
After a thorough evening of trying out felching, ice cream sundaying, a little bit of sculpting A man decided he wanted to go Spooning, so he bent his partner over, sprayed cum all in his ass then eat it with a spoon. "Ahhhh that is delicious" He replied licking his lips with a long hair hanging from his chin!
by Scott Esskay :D December 21, 2006
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